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Buying an island
by Melanie Pitman

Watch out over the miles of clear blue sea that ends where it touches the sky. Feel the warm soft sand between your toes and listen to the sound of the breeze through the trees. But this is no ordinary beach, on any ordinary holiday, because this is your beach, your sand, and your island.

It is the dream of many to own their own island as a place to get away from the crowded roads and smog of city life. Your own island could be a self reliant recluse for quality time with the family or time alone on your empty beach. A number of prominent people already own islands such as Sir Richard Branson who owns Necker Island in the Caribbean.

Yet for many people this dream has been tried and failed. Living on your own island takes a lot of planning and preparation because you will be in isolation. Nipping out for a pint of milk will even take planning. If your island is not big enough for an air strip then travelling by boat will be the only option. But how far away is the mainland or other islands? Are you able to sail a boat or even repair one if it gets damaged? The good thing is there will be no arguments with the neighbours over property boundaries because you will be surrounded by sea. But what will happen when the sea is not calm and tranquil? Would you still love the sea if it was pushing great waves onto your Island? Could you cope with storms trapping you on the island for days or even weeks?

The possibilities of owning an island could do a lot for your wallet as well as your soul. Owning an island is an outstanding investment because they are a limited unique commodity. No one can simply create another island. And if others want to share your recluse then what a better way of allowing them the opportunity by letting them stay at your Island Resort. You could offer them the chance to relax with nature while you charge them for the privilege. All you will have to supply is the caretaker, cleaner, fresh water, electricity, and food.

Buying an island is not only the initial price of the land it is also the cost of building. How much will it cost to ship over the trucks, diggers, labour, supplies, and materials? If you managed to buy an island that already had a house, electricity, and fresh water then you will also need to calculate how much it costs to run them and what happens if anything goes wrong.

Buying an island retreat is probably not as expensive as you think. While an island in the Caribbean could cost you over a million, an island off Canada will be over half that price and the same goes for Islands off Ireland, Greece or even Norway. The prices will vary due to the size of the island, location, proximity to the mainland, access to facilities, climate, and existing services.

However, if you are happy to live a limited life, with few or bare amenities then you could find bliss on your very own Island.

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