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 22/04/05  Seeking Nest Eggs, Investors Buy Nests
As New York's real estate juggernaut thunders on, with record topping record, it would seem that there are no longer any surprises in the market and, certainly, no longer any deals. But the real surprise may be that, amid all the hype and hurly-burly, many New Yorkers are quietly investing their money in real estate in ways that are not speculative but adhere to a more traditional approach: buying for the long term, seeking properties that generate rental income and, yes, for those who know where to look, even finding the occasional good deal. These new old-style investors include stock market refugees still licking their dot-com wounds, long-time renters hoping for a retirement nest egg, and eat-sleep-and-breathe real estate professionals.

 20/04/05  New hope for recovery of Japanese real estate
SOARING real estate prices in Japanís biggest cities have boosted hopes of an end to the protracted property slump. A report from the Japanese Government, due today, is expected to confirm that property prices in central Tokyo, Osaka and other large cities are rising rapidly, driven by wealthy urbanites who do not enjoy commuting long distances.

 19/04/05  Bank boost for British Indians
British Indians living in the UK will be able to use branches of Lloyds TSB bank to arrange a rupee mortgage to buy property in India. Lloyds TSB's India banking service will also permit free money transfers between the UK and India.

 18/04/05  Money matters make millions consider emigration
Money is all that is stopping the vast majority of young Britons jumping ship and moving overseas, according to new research. Overall 72 per cent of the nation's youth are considering moving overseas at some point, with one person in five saying that if they came into a large sum of money they would pack their bags.

 18/04/05  Messing about in boats
Forty-five minutes' drive north of Gothenburg, off a romantic and rocky coast, is one of Sweden's best kept secrets. An island in the Bohuslan archipelago, no more than a mile long and half that wide, Marstrand is the epitome of Scandanavian chic and a haven for yachties, walkers, swimmers and lovers of Nordic style. Its clean, natural beauty has won over many jaded by the flotsam and jetsam of Mediterranean life. But, to date, most of the excitement has been over the east-lying islands around Stockholm, rather than the more accessible west coast reached by the short, daily and increasingly cheap Ryanair and SAS flights from the UK.

Displaying records 46 - 50 of 156 
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