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Since our last issue the growth of UK buyer interest in foreign property has increased significantly, 49% of welsh under 30’s are considering a Foreignproperty purchase according to research conducted by Oceânico Developments. Affordability and rental returns within the UK have pushed investors to look at the more attractive returns throughout Europe. The strength of the pound and euro against the Dollar has made the United States and Canada a second home paradise and the ever increasing desire to own a dream location and property remains strong in UK buyers.

  Highland Beach, Florida, USA


Direct oceanfront condominium with private beach, garage parking, storage and panoramic views of the ocean, Intracoastal Waterway and city.


This has meant a busy time for Foreignproperty and its clients, traffic figures for the website continue to increase at unexpected speed, clients are being added almost daily and a significant rise in our offline advertising is creating recognition throughout target markets.


Budva downtown, Montenegro

200,000 Euros


Calabria, Scalea, Italy

75,000 Euros


In recent months we have seen catastrophic events which have cast a shadow over the property markets of South East Asia. We are confident that the strength of the people in these nations will help the economies of Sri Lanka, Sumatra, the Maldives and Thailand recover during the coming months and years. We are confident that investment and tourism will return to the regions worst effected and help revitalize the area. We would encourage you to visit and invest in coastal resorts of South East Asia to help provide long term economic rejuvenation.

  Analucia, Spain

500,000 Euros

There's a total of 766m² within the boundaries of this property, distributed over three floors of accommodation, a large and impressive tiled interior courtyard with arched colonnade, roof terraces and a garden.

    In this issue we help to shed light on the buying process within Mexico and Portugal and Mel Pitman explores the growth in attraction private Islands have not only for the world’s high net worth individuals but increasingly for the property investor or those who desire something different for surprisingly less than you would expect!    

Guide to Buying in Mexico

    Mexico is a location becoming increasingly popular with United States based buyers and those seeking something slightly different in their holiday or retirement homes. The process of buying in Mexico is incredibly different from buying in the United States. This guide aims to illustrate the issues involved with buying in the home of Tequila.    
    Real Estate within Mexico is either placed by the authorities into a restricted or non restricted zone. As a rule of thumb the interior is non restricted and foreigners (non Mexican citizens) can directly own property in these locations. Any land or real estate within 30 miles of Mexico’s coast or 50 miles of Mexico’s borders is considered restricted.    
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Guide to Buying in Portugal

    Buying property in Portugal remains popular with British Buyers. The process of buying is quite a simple one if you receive good advice and understand the basic legal and tax issues involved. Please don’t forget to search out good legal advice and never forget to seek answers and ask yourself the following four questions:    
  • Have you completed research on all aspects of the property purchase?
  • Have clear goals of purpose been set for the property?
  • Have I obtained as much advice as possible?
  • Have I been cautious in all of my actions?
        Once you have found your ideal Portuguese property it is important to familiarise yourself with the local town hall (Camara) and an independent Portuguese lawyer.    
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      Costa Blanca, Spain

    2,250,000 Euros

    Elegant lock mansion in Denia/Costa Blanca calmly seated on highest elevation with panoramic view and highest comfort


    Buying an Island by Melanie Pitman

        Watch out over the miles of clear blue sea that ends where it touches the sky. Feel the warm soft sand between your toes and listen to the sound of the breeze through the trees. But this is no ordinary beach, on any ordinary holiday, because this is your beach, your sand, and your island.    
        It is the dream of many to own their own island as a place to get away from the crowded roads and smog of city life. Your own island could be a self reliant recluse for quality time with the family or time alone on your empty beach. A number of prominent people already own islands such as Sir Richard Branson who owns Necker Island in the Caribbean.    
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    Private Islands Online



    We end as usual with some of our most striking recent property additions to Foreignproperty.com, this month provided by Uta Fleckenstein of Germany


    Costa Blanca, Spain
    1,350,000 Euros


    Lake Garda, Italy
    4,500,000 Euros



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