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 23/05/05  Salsa Dancers and Stunt Men? Must Be a Miami Condo Project
In the last month alone, you could salsa with dancers in fringed hot pants at Aqua, hear a drag queen D.J. at Cynergi or watch stunt men ricochet off a trampoline at Soleil. Nightclubs? No. Carnival acts? Not quite. These were launch parties for condominium projects, one of the stranger forms of nightlife in a city obsessed with real estate. Alcohol and music were abundant, but so were sales agents and brochures with statements like, "It is the impeccable aesthetic of textures and calming shades - limestone and blue marble - that further distinguish these voluminous spaces."

 21/05/05  Bulging property prices in Bulgaria
Bulgaria is being tipped by property experts as the place to invest in, as it lines up entry to the European Union. In the year since the EU threw open its doors to ten new member states high prices in the UK property market have seen eager investors looking for bargains in the accession countries. And while many UK investors have seen large returns on their properties already, others are already looking for the "next big thing".

 10/05/05  Costa Careyes Chic
There are so few unspoiled coasts these days--especially ones where you are provided with Frette towels. Except in Costa Careyes, a lush, secluded resort on the Pacific coast of Mexico that for years has been a retreat for chic and rich bohemians. It's lesser known than places such as St. Bart's, which of course only adds to the appeal.

 09/05/05  Desert bloom
The approved method for taking a four-wheel-drive vehicle up (or down) a near-vertical desert dune is to do it at speed. Hesitation is fatal - you either bog down in the powder-fine sand or lose traction and slide humiliatingly back to the bottom of the hill. Our driver is a master of the high-speed technique, which means my first impressions of Qatar’s empty quarter is a high-speed blur of pure white sand, seen at odd angles as the Land Cruiser threatens to do a full barrel-roll. After half an hour of this, we emerge on the shores of Qatar’s "inland sea" - an impossibly blue, near-landlocked lagoon of shallow, tea-warm water fringed by towering dunes and miles of pristine sand, with not a high-rise hotel in sight. At least, not yet.

 06/05/05  Property values in Cyprus hot up
Britons looking to invest overseas could do a lot worse than buying a place in Cyprus, a new report claims. Since 2000 house prices in Cyprus have tripled, property group Assetz reports, with an 18 per cent rise in 2004. Over the last 12 months UK house prices rose just seven per cent, Nationwide said last week. The island's 340 days of sunshine a year make the country an attractive buy-to-let investment, and these are coupled with climbing house prices and European Union membership.

Displaying records 36 - 40 of 156 
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